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Indeed. The problem is not the waiting. It's the 'taking so long to understand', and understand means all the pain that comes before from being lost in the delusion of making a place in a broken lie of a reality mistaken for the real world. Broken psychology acting on misassumptions in inverse reality. Coming to Self through a broken Ego takes just so damn long and along the way, losing your actual place in the world that was not. Friends and lovers gone, the world you knew, never actually existed. Where is it now, those lies the world was so sure of being true? We find our answers in the books we read, the only companions that speak to us of possible selves and possible worlds. We realise but, wait a minute, these thoughts have been thought, these realisations have been explored, yet the same world still presents? How many books must I read before the world is how it should be? Now late in life finding a peace withing myself, my hermit life, acceptance of my outsider-hood, can't knowingly fit into the construct and justify my alienation by supporting it with my vitality. Now I give it back to myself. We have history and the lessons that should never repeat, yet romanticised and justified war and violence it seems a human right because it is absolute and irrefutable, the price to pay for moral stagnation and things to not change, just interchange, not too much, round and round we go. Every day for 2000 years we crucify Christ, making a mockery of His Sacrifice, forgive them Father for they know not what they are doing. Really? The difficulty of establishing a new departure point, a forking away from Cain and Able to the psychologically whole Meek that shall inherit the earth, seems a fantasy. Our little ego snagged in the clutches of the construct, left brain captured in the specifics of specialisation and surviving the hierarchy of the status and achievement ladder, the deep Self remains psychologically inaccessible and unrealised. Right brain wholeness escapes us, for it lives in the whole-world, the world in which we are aware of our invisible privilege, where the disenfranchised are included as fellows on the journey to actualisation, all our diversity seen as the actual spice of life and celebrated and encouraged. For our humanity binds us, not our bland cultural similarity with suffocating conformity and blind enforcement of the status quo. There can be no opposing it, there is no revolution that can solve it. History. Repeats. We need a new departure point. We have perspective. Love your writing here, many parallels. The journeys are unique, as are the people and the places, yet the explorations are the same. Lost in a becoming place. How do we build with these broken bricks? We continue.

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