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I don’t want to dishonor this splendid and deeply nourishing confession/inquiry/love letter with clumsy or pedestrian praise and I can’t at the moment find words for how much I love it. I look forward to reading it again soon when I am an incrementally different version of me and discovering even more nourishment.

Thank you.

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This is stunning and incredibly eloquent. You are a brilliant writer. I have so much more to say but none of my words would do this piece any justice. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your world.

I can relate to so much.

This sentence is beautifully written and captures exactly how I feel but never thought to put into these words.

"I speak much less these days than I used to, it seems like when finally given the chance I built a life for myself with long, luxurious stretches of silence."

Again, thank you for sharing your writing and insight.

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Very nice! Also, my wife (who’s the same age as you) also had a massive crush for Leo. ;)

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Is there a word for the state where I desire to have a mentor, a benevolent guiding spirit, who takes me by the hand when I'm in despair, and who turns up the heat when I'm a sloth, while at the same time I'm entirely in disbelief that anyone can look into me far enough to truly understand where I want to go, and so it would be much better if I'd be on my own? An agonizing tug of war, for many years.

Now, my best mentors are my friends and my students. Finally at peace?

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